Privacy Policy

Your privacy is safe with us.

This privacy statement counts for the My Things website, mythings.com

The privacy statement sets out how we will collect, handle, store and protect information about you when you use mythings.com. When we refer to “the website” or “our website” in this privacy statement we mean the specific webpage of mythings.com

What information do we collect?
Information about your usage of the website, in terms of browser settings, IP address, and which subpages that are visited. If contact forms of newsletter form are being used, your name, company and e-mail address is stored.

How we use information about you
The information collected on our website is used to optimize the website user experience and functionalities based on your user pattern, what you show interest in and what appears to be your intention visiting mythings.com Our goal is to easily give you the information you are looking for, as well as giving you an inspirational and intuitive experience.

The grounds we use for processing personal information
The website uses cookies to collect information automatically. Additional information on how we use cookies can be found further down this page. If contact forms are being used, your name, company and e-mail address is stored.

How personal information is stored
Information about your use of the website is stored in various cookies. Read more about our use of cookies further down this page.

Voluntary consent
Browsers are set to accept cookies. If you prefer not to, you can set your browser to reject cookies, or to reject third-party cookies.
NOTE: If you choose to decline cookies, you may lose access to certain features of other websites that rely on cookies to provide services or user experience, such as e-commerce and login. You can also opt out of using Google Analytics.

What are cookies?
mythings.com uses cookies – a tiny data file placed in your browser in order to keep track of what is happening during your website-visit and to recognize your computer. It cannot be used to identify you. A cookie does not contain virus.

What cookies do we use on mythings.com?
Google Analytics: mythings.com uses the Google Analytics tool to analyze user patterns and traffic trends on the website. The collected data is used to optimize and improve the user experience as well as the content of the website. According to Google’s Policy for use of Google Analytics, no personal information about the user is collected. The collected data is stored on Google’s servers, and deleted after 24 months – if you have not returned to the website during this period.
Facebook Pixels: We use Facebook Pixels to register your visit on mythings.com so that we can advertise to you through Facebook’s network. Several sites use this cookie to allow Facebook to show you ads that are relevant to you and your past search history. In this way, Facebook can degrade ads that are not relevant or interesting to you, and improve your overall user experience with Facebook.

We do not collect personal information through Facebook pixels – only the user history that is stored on the cookie locally on your machine.

How can you manage or delete your information?   
To address your data management needs or request the deletion of information we’ve gathered, please contact us at account@mythings.com.

Contact us
Please contact us if you have any questions, or need to correct your personal information / delete your consent.


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