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  • Introducing M+

    The next generation of programmatic campaign management system

  • myFunnel by myThings

    Transform your programmatic with the only customizable programmatic funnel

  • Programmatic made for the largest brands

    Customized to fit your business and brand

  • Dynamic creative. Made for You.

    Fully customized programmatic creative that marries performance and brand

  • success story

    eCPA was 11 times lower and PCCR rates - 4 times higher.
  • success story

    The results myThings demonstrated in only 14 days have surpassed the results achieved in 90 days by a leading CPC retargeting provider.
  • success story

    To overcome the challenges of the airline industry, we wanted a personalized dynamic retargeting solution that was fully customized to the specifics of our business and air travel in general... and optimized for conversions rather than traffic generation, with the overall goal of delivering a consistently high volume of sales.

award winning solutions

  • myThings is the winner of the 2014 Performance Marketing Awards in the 'Best Brand Engagement' category for cutting edge video retargeting campaigns for Shop Direct's Littlewoods and Very brands.

    myThings declared winner of 'Best Use of Big Data' category for innovative campaign combining lower funnel personalized retargeting and upper funnel dynamic display in real time.

  • myThings named by Deloitte as the fastest-growing adtech company in Europe, and the overall 2nd fastest-growing technology company in the region with over 22,000% growth in revenue since 2008.

    myThings shortlisted in the 2014 Marketing Week Engage Awards in the 'Mobile, Tablets and Apps' category for an industry-first mobile retargeting campaign.

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