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Made for the largest brands

Introducing M+

Our new CMS brings a whole new level of transparency and insight to dynamic retargeting, enabling you to quickly digest campaign performance data and KPIs through dynamic, customizable reports delivered in near real-time.

After years of learning what our customers most want to know, we’ve developed four report groups, designed to provide immediate visual overviews of the most important KPIs. These are:

-Performance reports: Delving into impressions, clicks, CTRs

 and conversions

-Funnel reports: An exciting new visual tool breaking down the above

 KPIs by funnel stage

-Creative reports: Breakdown of performance by individual creative

m+ brings you closer than ever to what really matters – the performance of your campaign. Together with myFunnel, the only customizable programmatic funnel, the new CMS provides a visual examination of ROI at every funnel stage:

-Greater transparency

-Enhanced visualizations

-Dynamic, customizable reporting capabilities

-Near real-time performance tracking


Personalized Retargeting

After investing a great deal to drive new business to your site, you’ll want to make sure that the value of this new traffic is maximized. By re-engaging with website visitors through personalized ads as they browse the web, you will lead these in-market users to buy from you rather than your competitors.

100% bespoke dynamic creative

myThings’ proprietary dynamic creative platform CANVAS combines the best of branding and direct response to enable our graphic artists to begin every banner design from scratch rather than from a template. The end result: great looking, brand-aligned creatives that perform.

Business-driven customization

Instead of running off-the-shelf, template-based retargeting campaigns designed for SMBs, meet your unique business and branding goals by allowing us to customize your programmatic campaign. Choose your preferred business model and run with differentiated campaigns with unique pricing, creative, messaging for every business-driven segment.

Opening the black box

myThings is offering actionable insights about your business that can be applied across your marketing activities. Do not settle for standard campaign-level KPIs when you can be visible to data on multiple levels including campaign, segment, domain, creative and device.

Best of class retargeting technology

Over 50 engineers and data mining experts have build a robust end-to-end ad platform that combines advanced data, media, and creative optimization engines. Crunching hundreds of parameters from multiple sources, we form a rich view of each consumer and the predicted value a single opportunity would yield for your business.

Massive & diversified reach

myThings serves over 5 billion impressions a month through a vast media network that spans 17 ad exchanges, hundreds of partnerships with premium publishers and access to over 1,000 private marketplace deals. Ultimately, we deliver a complete media plan that includes both quality and quantity – a key ingredient for a campaign’s success.

Facebook Retargeting

Engage with your consumers on the front page of the Internet by retargeting them on Facebook’s premium news feed inventory. myThings is among only a handful of retargeters that support Facebook news feed retargeting to drive ROI from the social channel.

Unrivaled media value with news feed ads

The impact of the news feed is practically unparalleled. It’s one of the web’s top inventory sources where 1.2 billion Facebook members spend most of their time online.

Best-of-breed retargeting technology

Since a Facebook campaign is only as good as the data and technology of the provider,  myThings’ data, targeting and real time bidding capabilities make the most of the Facebook opportunity.

New & improved right hand side (RHS) format

Facebook’s RHS ad is generating up to 3x engagement as it has both a larger image (same proportions as a news feed image) and an environment with much fewer ads to compete with.

Mobile & Cross-Device   

In what is a becoming an increasingly mobile-first digital environment, one thing is clear: mobile holds the key to a successful marketing strategy. With device usage exploding, you must be able to reach your consumers wherever they are.

Bespoke HTML5 dynamic creative

Powered by our proprietary CANVAS platform, we’re able to design stunning HTML5 direct response creatives that are fully aligned with a brand’s style and tone. We’re proud to say that with CANVAS, our HTML5 creatives are able to duplicate virtually everything Flash has to offer including enhanced animation and engagement capabilities.

Analytics & insights per device

Providing actionable insights to help you navigate an increasingly complex space is what guides our data-driven consultative approach. With data on performance per device, you will be able to pinpoint your ad spend and make smarter marketing decisions.

Maximizing mobile reach

Delivering ads wherever your users are is crucial. With our vast mobile coverage, we’ll be able to find them, identify them and show them an impactful ad through 5 leading mobile RTB exchanges we’re integrated with where we serve millions of mobile ads per day.

Accurate cross-device targeting

Your log-in data – which we can easily leverage by passing a single parameter to our tags – is the most accurate identifier to bridge the online-offline & cross-device divide. It allows for a seamless, personalized consumer experience across your display digital touchpoints.

Loyalty & Retention

A growing number of digital marketers now understand that loyalty marketing to your existing customers is just as important as acquisition. The key to maximizing their lifetime value is your own 1st party data, and in this case, allowing us to leverage this data and continue the conversation across online display – just as you probably do in your email marketing. A key part of our customer lifecycle offering – all it takes is passing a few parameters to our tags in the same way that product data is passed.

Targeting aligned with your audience classification

A CRM integration means we’ll be able to use either 1st party data attributes (new/existing, age, gender, last order date etc.) or actual CRM segments (dormant customers, customers at risk of churn, VIP customers) to target the groups that matter most to your business.

Improved media buying efficiency

With CRM-driven segments we’ll be able to align media buying with value to your business. The higher the value, the greater the bid boost, the more quantity and better quality of inventory. Ultimately, it will deliver greater demand and improved ROI.

Business-driven ad relevancy

By serving ads with unique pricing, layout and messaging for every business segment, we’re essentially combining both improved ad relevancy for the user and greater business value for your brand.

Accurate cross-device targeting

Your CRM log-in ID is the most accurate identifier to bridge the online-offline & cross-device divide. It allows for a seamless, personalized consumer experience across your display digital touchpoints.

In-depth analytics in your own language

Valuable campaign insights according to your own audience classification and business logic to help you make informed marketing decisions.


Finally, a programmatic sales funnel that’s unique to your business. With myFunnel, we map the journey of your users and the rules governing how and when they move from one stage to the next.

This allows us to deliver a whole new level of campaign optimization and unprecedented ROI insights at every funnel stage, so you can see where the most value is generated and re-allocate spend accordingly.

– Segmentation built on your custom funnel

– Better model and bidding optimization

– Custom dynamic creative at each funnel stage

– Per-stage ROI insights

– Transparent budget allocation

Mapping the user journey

A sales funnel is used to map the different stages of interaction between your customers and your brand. As their intent to undertake a desired conversion gets stronger, they are moved down the funnel. Up to now, programmatic tech has been powered by the generic assumptions of a default sales funnels. But every business has a different user journey, so their sales funnels should be too.

Why is it so important getting this right?

By more accurately different types of users, their value to your business and how they move between custom funnel stages, our models can better judge each advertising opportunity and bid accordingly. Our reporting dashboard provides granular per-stage ROI insights so you know where to spend for the maximum return.

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