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Mobile retargeting increases Very’s retargeting-driven sales by 19%

myThings is happy to share news about an innovative mobile campaign we ran with Shop Direct’s digital department store As the brand’s first personalised retargeting campaign on mobile, it was also among the first mobile retargeting campaigns that covered all mobile environments including iOS and Android, in-app and mobile web (synced within the same device), while running in parallel to desktop, Facebook and video retargeting campaigns.

To make the most out of the changing media consumption habits of its customers, leveraged myThings’ personalised retargeting offering on mobile to reconnect with visitors of its mobile-optimised website, acquiring new mobile customers and maximising the value of existing ones.

myThings’ cutting edge mobile-compatible ad platform was built to support a multi-identifier ad landscape – maximising effective mobile reach by serving personalised ads across cookie-based and cookie-less environments.

Ultimately, it generated exceptional performance and driving an additional 19% of’s overall retargeting-driven sales and a 1:10 ROAS.


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