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Easy set up

Step 1: we integrate your pixel in our ad server

Step 2: we provide our ad tags and you add them to your site

No manual customisation required, technology works with all ad servers

Dedicated account services

  • Project managers will ensure optimal configuration and look after all technical aspects of the campaign
  • Performance managers will optimize the campaign and provide insightful reporting and analytics

Certified technology

  • Vetted by T-Ventures, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Facebook
  • Best-of-bread technology powering Yahoo! White Label, Interactive Media and Orange
  • State-of-the-art banner technology ensures banner content is always fresh and doesn’t depend on product feeds

Advanced Capping Capabilities

Number of impressions carefully monitored, per page and over time

Data Protection

  • myThings does not sell any user data.
  • myThings does not collect any personally identifiable information
  • Brand safety and malware protection ensured by Vexigo and The Media Trust


  • Fully compliant with industry regulation and EU e-privacy directive
  • One of first signatories of IAB’s Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) framework
  • All myThings ads are OBA-based and contain AdChoices icon

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