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Maximize your inventory yield

In the past several years, myThings has built a vast media network, partnering with top publishers across operating regions
including MSN, AOL,  Orange, 24/7 Real Media,, Sky, DSNR Media Group, The Guardian,
Fox Networks, Interactive Media, Rakuten Group, Leboncoin, and Sanoma, to name just a few.
To ensure that our media partners make the most of their inventory, our volume purchases are constantly optimized
to make certain that we buy the highest number of impressions while respecting users’ online experience.

Easy set up

No long term commitment

Insightful reporting and analytics

“ The value myThings creates for advertisers and customers is translated into the value it creates
for publishers, proving performance oriented advertising can be effective on premium media and lead to mutual beneficial partnership with publishers.”


Simon Halstead Director, EMEA at Microsoft Microsoft Advertising Exchange

Join our vast media network

  • 300+ direct publisher relations
  • 5 BILLION impressions / month
  • Connected to 85 of comScore’s Top 100 sites

“ The myThings technology team led a swift and efficient RTB integration with us and they have fast become one of our strategic partners. ”


Tanzil Bukhari Google’s European Head of AdX Buyer Relations

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