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myThings’ automated media buying capabilities - highly commended by Google in a joint case study - deliver campaigns that are super efficient as each decision made by our engine is based on the value it’s predicted to yield for the advertiser - whether the programmatic opportunity is RTB or non-RTB (including support for private marketplace deals).

Our proprietary bidder – which receives over 10 billion bid requests a day from 17 exchanges – employs a set of predictive artificial intelligence algorithms that overcome a bid calculation that’s extremely complex. Deciding whether to bid and how much to bid takes more than just calculating the propensity of a click. On top that, we factor the odds a conversion will be secured, how much will be spent, and what’s the profit the advertiser stands to gain.

When we decided to develop our dynamic creative platform CANVAS, our goal was to build a technology that can take the best of branding and the best of direct response and combine them into one - and in the process to prove that inspiring creative does not stop at upper funnel branding campaigns. The platform does just that - design great looking ads that are 100% bespoke for every brand, while overcoming the limitations of dynamic creative to drive performance that’s expected from a DR campaign.

Among CANVAS’ advanced features you’ll find automatic mirroring of new website promotions in ads; image masking, cropping, and zoom-in capabilities; in-banner videos (general or product specific videos in product frames); personalized prices per route, per day in travel ads; in-stock tickers; exact delivery dates; geo targeting for in-store pick ups or super fast delivery and much more.

To enable the smooth flow of dozens of terabytes of data in our pipes every day, our engineers have built a robust consumer database where we take in data in many forms and shapes - from different sources, channels, devices and identifiers - over 20 terabytes a day in total. The consumer database is then able to unify it all under one roof to create rich user profiles that deliver hyper personalization and a consistent user experience across devices.

myThings’ consumer database was built to support segmenting based on an advertisers’ business rules. To do that, segmentation must go beyond stage in funnel and include more dimensions such as user activities (like recency), product/category/brand affinity, value and geolocation. To further align the campaign with the advertiser’s business, we can also integrate with an advertiser’s own CRM segments or create a segment based on an advertiser’s 1st party data parameter.

Once created, our platform can apply and optimize different creative, messaging and pricing in accordance with the ROI goals of each segment, while closing the loop with access to performance per segment on our analytics dashboard.

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