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myThings’ one-stop shop for large-scale media buying management and optimization is a powerful engine that is capable of buying billions of impressions from multiple exchanges and networks in real time and on a per impression basis.

Delivering maximal efficiency, a sophisticated algorithm determines the right price of every impression based on big data crunched by our data mining engine.

Real time media buying decisions that are redefining efficiency

myThings engines make real time decisions per outlet – whether RTB exchanges or myThings media network of partner publications – from which a request had been received. Two different mechanisms are used by each type of outlet.

Proprietary real time bidder

Unlike industry standard click-based bidding, our sophisticated RTB technology – highly commended by Google in a joint case study – employs a set of predictive artificial intelligence algorithms that overcome a highly complex bid calculation.

To determine whether we should bid for a user and how much to bid, our bidder answers the following queries in real time:

Assuming a click, will the user convert?

Assuming a conversion, how much will the user spend?

Assuming spend, what will be the advertiser’s eCPA and ROI?

MyThings Media Network

To determine whether a banner should be served via a publisher in our media network, myThings calculates a virtual bid based on data we have on the user such as website interactions and socio-demographic information (from 1st or 3rd party overlays). A passback mechanism is in place if a decision is made not to serve the banner.

Optimized media buying based on predicted profitability

To deliver optimal media buying efficiency, our engines determine where we should serve a banner (if multiple outlets sent a request for the same impression).

The decision is based on predicted profit for the advertiser taking into account both user data and overall past performance of the specific outlet.

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