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Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO)

Dynamic Creative Optimization is the process in which the right banner is automatically generated in real time – with layout, products and messaging – based on a user’s shopping intent that is determined by our data mining engine.

myThings’ proprietary Canvas platform enables maximal flexibility in creative design and delivery, combining branding and direct response to generate great looking brand-aligned banners that perform, as determined by constant A/B testing.

Stunning dynamic creative via propriatery CANVAS platform

Unlike industry standard, template-based starting points, myThings’ fully dynamic platform enables us to begin banner design from scratch,

generating stunning ads while maintaining the ability to scale.

Coming soon:     Creative showroom

Offer recommendation engine – Content optimization delivers maximal value

Every time myThings displays a banner to a user, the products and promotional message in that banner are dynamically created in real time to deliver the most relevant ad that can yield maximum revenues.

The user’s intent is determined by analyzing his interactions on your site, while also factoring the intent of similar users (determined by a proprietary set of collaborative filtering algorithms), an advertiser’s specific preferences (specials, promotions etc.) and the expected revenue.

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