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Unmatched transparency & control via actionable user level analytics

myThings provides advertisers with complete audience and media transparency in addition to detailed control of their campaigns so that they truly feel that they are in the driver’s seat.


  • Segment-level audience transparency

    Full set of performance KPIs per segment: Revenue, conversions, AOV, impressions, spend, eCPC (or eCPA), clicks, CTR, ROI.

    Performance comparison across all segments.

    Performance per creative variation – including layout and messaging – within specific segment and comparison across all segments.

    Revenue per segment and creative variation


    Segment-level audience transparency
  • Media transparency

    Domain level performance

    Key KPIs per media outlet

    Top 50 publishers per network

    Media transparency


  • Different campaigns for different audience segments

    Different campaigns for different audience segments

    By determining unique attributes per segment or micro segment, myThings can further enhance campaign performance and meet highly specific requirements.

    The customized attributes include:

    Pricing (compensation), budget, optimization goal

    Ad Content
    Messaging, creative variations, layout, products

  • Micro segment configuration

    Micro segment configuration

    Accurately targeting users an advertiser is interested in is done by dividing a large audience into meaningful groups, allowing us to explore and act upon highly specific clusters.

    Advertisers can launch a campaign based on a set of typical audience segments that have performed well for our customers, or customize their own micro-segments.

  • Configuring business model of choice

    Configuring business model of choice

    Advertisers are given maximal flexibility to determine the right business model to meet their goals. This includes full support of CPA, CPC, CPM or Cost Plus campaigns according to an advertiser’s specific KPIs, all of which are optimized towards eCPA goals.

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