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Industry-leading mobile retargeting solution

Delivering data-driven, real-time and personalized shopping experiences on devices your consumers are deeply connected to. myThings complete mobile retargeting solution will enable you to scale your mobile campaign by displaying HTML5 ads across cookie-less (iOS & in-app) and cookie-based (Android web) inventory.

100% bespoke dynamic creative

Run with great looking, brand-aligned creatives that perform. myThings’ proprietary dynamic creative platform CANVAS combines the best of branding and direct response to enable our graphic artists to begin every banner design from scratch rather than from a template.

Unrivaled transparency & control

Opening the retargeting black box, myThings is offering actionable insights about your business that can be applied across your marketing activities. Do not settle for standard campaign-level KPIs when you can be visible to data on multiple levels including campaign, segment, domain, creative, mobile and channel.

Business-driven customization

Instead of running off-the-shelf, template-based retargeting campaigns designed for SMBs, meet your unique business and branding goals by allowing us to customize your programmatic campaign. Choose your preferred business model and run with differentiated campaigns with unique pricing, creative, messaging and sequence for every business-driven segment.

Best-of-class programmatic ad technology

Dozens of engineers and data mining experts - over 40% of our workforce - have invested over 100 development years to build a robust end-to-end ad platform that combines advanced data, media, and creative optimization engines. Crunching hundreds of parameters from multiple sources, we form a rich view of each consumer and the predicted value a single opportunity would yield for your business.

Massive multi-channel reach

Leverage both the quantity and quality of myThings’ vast media network that spans 17 ad exchanges and hundreds of partnerships with premium publishers - serving a total of over 5 billion impressions per month. Our mobile network includes eight ad exchanges covering both cookie-based and cookie-less inventory across the mobile web and in-app environments.

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