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Look-alike targeting

Acquiring new quality users that resemble your most valuable customers

Attracting new users to your site is a key factor in growing your business. However, you are ultimately measured for generating real revenue. To ensure that most acquired traffic also produces real value, an intelligent data-driven solution is required. In this case, myThings leverages a powerful source of user intent data – the intent that has been demonstrated time and time again by your existing customers – to target prospects of high potential.

How does it work?

Identifying your most valuable segments

Advanced modeling capabilities enable us to build behavioral profiles of your most valuable segments by analyzing the following parameters:
1) Audience-related:
socio-demographic and publisher data (type of sites user visited)
2) User-related:
highest predicted life-time value, AOV, etc.
3) 1st party data if such analysis was performed by your brand

Finding look-alikes

These profiles are then matched with 3rd party data partners such as BlueKai and Exelate to target look-alike profiles

The impact: New, highly valuable traffic at scale

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