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Facebook retargeting

Target up to 1 billion highly engaged members of Facebook

As one of few select partners with a direct seat on The Facebook Exchange (FBX), myThings can deliver substantial performance uplift by serving personalized ads on the world’s most popular website through a real time bidding mechanism.

The winning combination


global-iconUnparalleled reach

1 billion members   |  15-20% of global ad inventory

like-btnHighly engaged users

665M visit daily   |   Average user spends 10%-15% of time online on Facebook


star-iconBest-of-breed retargeting technology

Predictive artificial intelligence algorithms crunch hundreds of parameters to determine every user’s life time value estimation – a key factor that drives targeting, bidding and creative decisions.

Facebook's right-hand side

Dynamic data fields supporting numerous variations:


Highlight your most important message by combining various static and dynamic parameters such as product name, price, website URL, savings/discount or any pre-defined message


Show users a price-related figure you wish to present (for example: actual price, discount/savings rate, payment installments).


Take advantage of additional space to present longer texts such as product/category description or any other pre-defined messaging (shorter variations supported in the title can also be used in the body).


The product page image is pulled from your product feed or website.


Number of fans that like your brand on Facebook appears with a link to your fan page

Direct access to top Facebook inventory source

Coming soon: Newsfeed retargeting

Enhanced performance via one of the most valuable media inventory on the entire web.

Maximal flexibility made possible by proprietary FBX ad creator

myThings’ ability to generate the degree of variability described above is a result of a unique ad creator we have developed in-house. Capable of meeting specific advertiser needs, it provides multiple options to customize messaging on Facebook.

For example, the creator is able to combine dynamic and static text, showing users a general message with the actual product they have browsed or a title with a pre-determined category discount for a specific product they were interested in.

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