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Dynamic display

Finally, smart acquisition

A new kind of upper funnel acquisition campaign that utilizes available data to optimize early stage, upper funnel premium
media campaigns, even if a user has not visited your site.

Advertiser side data

  • Crowd data
  • Promoted product feed
  • Offline CRM data

External data sources

  • Publisher data
  • Campaign performance data
  • 3d party data


Enhanced performance
Real time data optimization drives  real results

Premium media efficiency
Media buying and dynamic creative generation per impression, not bulk

Branding and performance in one
Creative leverages best of both worlds as driving sales key factor in building brands

Premium media - Make the most out of your display acquisition campaign

Combine the advantages of real time dynamic advertising and the powerful effect premium media has on user perception of your brand and the enhanced engagement it generates for branding and sales-driven purposes.

The winning combination:
Dynamic display with personalized retargeting

Previously two separate functions, its possible by combining user acquisition dynamic display and lower funnel personalized retargeting in real time.

How does it work?
Has the user been to the advertiser’s site before?

User shown personalized retargeting banner
User shown tactical display banner

A winning||| combination


myThings’ campaign for Littlewoods won two prestigious awards in the ‘Best Use of Data’ and ‘Best Use of Big Data’ categories.

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