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Consulting. Tailoring. Heavy Lifting. For You.

myThings’ service culture is deeply rooted in our approach to advertising. We take pride in our specialized first class service that’s
centered on the notion that no two businesses are alike. With this in mind, we have developed, from the ground up, an agile
platform that enables us to customize many elements of a campaign based on specific goals of each and every advertiser.

pen-iconTailor-made dynamic campaigns

Brand-aligned bespoke creatives

combining the best of branding and direct response. Unlike template-based creatives, our dynamic creative technology enables us to design each banner from scratch to generate stunning ads while maintaining the ability to scale.

Customized audience segments

Combining several key audience segments to create numerous micro segments, and assigning unique attributes – creative and commercial – per each.

Customized pricing models

to meet your KPIs down to the product and audience segment level. Because all transactions are not created equal, we understand that offering a fixed pricing model does not make sense in today’s e-commerce reality in which numerous categories and products are offered, with each carrying a different value to your business

Customized models trained on your data

By training on your data, our engines constantly tweak the hundreds of parameters factored in their calculations. Ultimately, a unique formula is created for each advertiser that best reflects its own audience and website.

Customized reporting and analysis per campaign, segment or ad

Built in to our state-of-the-art dashboard, we offer insights on consumer behavior, media performance per outlet and per type in addition to reporting on how each creative performed – overall and within its unique segment.

The human touch

Unmatched SLA commitments by a dedicated team that includes:

  •  Professional consultants who will customize a unique campaign for you based on your goals, your brand and your audience
  •  Data mining experts who will optimize your campaign by leveraging the most of our engines

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