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myThings fully understands that there are two things that are absolutely critical to any brand: the brand’s name and its customers. To ensure that these are never compromised, we are offering an advanced suite of safeguards, as follows:

Triple filter control over delivery

  • 1Media partners' safeguards:

    In-house and via their own 3rd party brand safety partners.


    Media partners' safeguards:
  • 2In-house protection

    A constantly updated list containing thousands of domains where your ads will never be served.

    An exclusive list of brand safe sites where your ads will appear and nowhere else. We constantly review a percentage of top volume sites on all RTB exchanges we work with and manually update the list.

    legal protection
    A central part of all our IOs with publishers – whether RTB exchanges, direct or networks – is a section guaranteeing that all ad placements must be brand safe.

    In-house protection
  • 3Brand safety partners

    Superior layer of advanced ad verification, malware protection & brand safety tools


    Real-time active preventative brand
    protection for every impression


    Automatic assessment of the
    semantic distance between the web
    page content and the landing page
    surroundings been picked up from
    the advertiser’s site


    Customizable protection: Choose risk
    level, prevention categories  & filters


    White/Black lists management:
    Pre-define and manage specific URLs
    to either prioritize or prevent your ad
    from running alongside desired or non
    -desired content


    Detection of malware, malicious software code or viruses embedded in ad tags that may have been picked up from the advertiser’s site

    Brand safety partners

Frequency capping

Cross-exchange, cross-network capping per segment,
per user, per day.

Consumer privacy

Firm believer in consumer privacy and choice

Fully compliant with industry regulation and EU e-privacy directive. All myThings ads are OBA-based and contain AdChoices icon signifying enhanced transparency and consumer control and enabling user opt-out.
One of first signatories of IAB’s Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) framework.

Data safety

To protect our customers’ data, myThings adheres to best data security practices:

Highly durable infrastructure for mission-critical and primary data storage Regular and systematic data integrity checks built in, with automatic self-healing
Data is encrypted and secured by tightly controlled access on an as-needed basis Complies with international data security standards and protocols
Redundancy provided by data storage across multiple facilities and devices

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