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Performance Programmatic. Made for You.

myThings is a global leader in fully customized performance programmatic ad solutions, personalizing dynamic creative for leading global brands on web and mobile.

With more than a decade of experience and intelligence in retargeting and re-engagement, we work with the largest retail, travel and ticket sales brands including Puma, Nordstrom Rack, Southwest and Primesport.

 myThings has invested 100 development years in robust machine-learning algorithms – capable of providing performance at scale – that are trained on a per-advertiser basis.

In this way, our solutions marry the best of performance and brand marketing, all in real time. This really is performance programmatic made for you.

Two of the biggest programmatic pain points for today’s data-savvy marketers are template-based automation a lack of control.

By crafting dynamic creative that is fully brand-aligned and developing myFunnel – the only customizable sales funnel – to provide much greater insights and customization at every funnel stage, we have solved these problems.

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