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myThings is one of the most exciting companies working in the ad-tech space right now. With offices across the globe, we’re actively developing technologies that disrupt the way that marketers engage with their audiences on the web and on mobile. We thrive on creativity, versatility, commitment and hard work — and are looking for people who feel the same.

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  • Ad Operations

    | Ad Operations

    Media Buyer


    myThings is looking to hire a Media Buyer to manage and develop its media buy related activities. The Media Buyer will have to develop and maintain media inventory using programmatic platforms , human relations and negotiation skills.


    • Developing large scale direct partnerships network with publishers over programmatic platforms using private auctions deals, preferred deals and header bidding technics.
    • Identify areas of opportunity and execute plans to drive impact
    • Monitoring and optimizing performance
    • Work closely with product managers in order to enhance product performance.
    • Troubleshooting issues that arise with new integrations
    • Working and maintaining communications with media partners internationally
    • Two years of media planning, or media strategy experience
    • Experience in working with ad networks, RTB systems / Programmatic and publishers
    • Proficiency with trafficking, analytics and bid management platforms
    • Must have strong organizational, quantitative, and analytical skills
    • Thorough understanding of the business measurements and KPIs
  • Data

    | Data

    Senior data analyst

    • Provide complex data analysis, from multiple sources at company level as well as at campaign level
    • Initiate and develop automatized optimization algorithms
    • Deliver actionable insights and interpretation based on raw and aggregated data
    • Develop the methodology and templates for tracking, monitoring and detecting problems with company wide as well as individual campaign performance.
    • Work proactively to alert and fix deficiencies in campaign configuration in a timely manner
    • Acquire an in-depth understanding of the company campaign management platform and optimization algorithms and devise strategies and tactics to put them to an effective use to improve key campaign performance indicators.
    • Provide customers with meaningful and valuable insights to increase customer satisfaction and retention
    • Proven working experience as a data analyst
    • Experience with managing online advertising campaigns (ideally involved with inventory management or ad sales) is a significant advantage
    • Advanced skills with SQL languages (selects, updates, joins, temporary tables, functions with emphasis on statistical functions, partitioning)
    • Experience with self-optimizing processes
    • Experience with segmentation, definition, and monitoring of KPI’s
    • Experience with Microsoft Excel (pivot, formulas & charts).
    • Good understanding of predictive analytics is an advantage.
    • Ability to work and deliver strong results in a dynamic small team environment.
    • Ability to work in a fast moving company and industry.
    • Team leader experience is advantage
    • Degree in statistics, data management, industrial engineering, economics, mathematics is an advantage
    | Data

    Data Scientist

    • Design and develop the next-gen infrastructure for state of the art, large scale, ad-tech real-time predictive analytics based on machine learning algorithms and big data.
    • Responsible for migrating of existing predictive models from R to Spark ML (Scala / Python) and creating new models to support business requirements.
    • Responsible for the full lifecycle of predictive analytics model development
    • Gather and analyze data, identify key prediction/classification problems, and develop state of the art optimization and recommender engines, based on machine learning algorithms.
    • Interact with other teams to define interfaces and understand and resolve dependencies
    • Provide innovative ideas through data mining and experimental data modeling
    • BSc or MSc in Computer Science,  Statistics, Data Mining, Machine Learning or a related field
    • Thorough experience with the full cycle of machine learning model development including data collection, preparation, cleansing, validation, feature               selection and model creation and tuning
    • Good knowledge of R, Java, Scala and Python for data processing and creation of machine learning models
    • Familiarity with Spark ML is a major advantage
    • Excellent familiarity with complex analytics using SQL
    • Experience with optimization in the domain of ad-tech is a great advantage
    • A collaborative, proactive and a can-do attitude – essential
  • Product

  • Production

  • R&D

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